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Private Property and Political Power


9 November 2018
16:15 - 17:30
Conference Hotel Drienerburght

Panel ‘Inequality, Property and Democracy: Part Two’ – at the OZSW Conference 2018, University of Twente

As part of the research project Private Property and Political Power,the research group will be in charge of the second panel on ‘Inequality, Property and Democracy’ at the OZSW Conference 2018, that is being organized by the University of Twente.

Abstract of the panels

A major source of contemporary polarization is the polarization of wealth holdings. The papers in these two panels explore what inequality means for democracy, freedom and the justification of property. In this particular panel, we will present three papers. The first of these papers will deal with justifications for workplace democracy, arguing that traditional justifications are flawed insofar as they assume workers will directly benefit from workplace democracy. This paper proposes that we investigate whether and how workplace democracy benefits stakeholders who don’t work for the corporation. The second paper analyses the link between positive freedom and property, arguing that common, corporate, public and private individual property rights can all bear positively on positive freedom. Finally, the last paper evaluates theories defending a conception of original world ownership, and their use for the justification of property rights and distributive justice.


You can find more information on the panel by clicking here.