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Private Property and Political Power


Rutger Claassen
Project Leader
Rutger Claassen is Associate Professor of Ethics & Political Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy of Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD in 2008 from Utrecht University for a dissertation about the moral limits of markets. He was assistant professor at... Read more
Michael Bennett
Postdoctoral Researcher
Michael's aspect of the project project focuses on business corporations. He completed his PhD at the University of York in 2017, entitled “Democracy and its Relationship with the Market: Impartial Instrumentalism in Politics and Constitutional Design.” Before that he did... Read more
Yara Al Salman
PhD Candidate
Yara Al Salman is a PhD candidate in political philosophy at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University. Her research project focuses on practices of common property. She has a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences (with a focus on sociology,... Read more
Sylvain Lajoie
PhD Candidate
Sylvain Lajoie is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University’s Ethics Institute working on the Private Property & Political Power in Liberal-Democratic Societies research project funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) under the supervsion of Rutger Claassen. In... Read more