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Private Property and Political Power


22 March 2019
11:45 - 13:30
Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht

Lunch and Panel Discussion: The Value of the Commons

On Friday 22 March, the research project Private Property and Political Power in a Liberal Democratic Society (NWO) will organise a panel discussion on commons and common property regimes. Lunch will be provided. Please feel welcome to join!

Common property in an open society
Many of the world’s natural resources are governed through common property regimes. In these arrangements, users of the resource create rules together, and monitor compliance with these rules to prevent resource depletion. Why are such regimes valuable? And what lessons can we learn from these common property regimes? Can citizens cooperate in a similar way when it comes to urban resources? These and other questions will be addressed in an interdisciplinary panel discussion. There will also be room for additional questions from the audience.

11:45 Doors open and lunch served
12:15 Start panel discussion
13:30 End panel discussion

The confirmed speakers are Erling Berge, Hanoch Dagan, and Albert Weale.

Erling Berge is emeritus professor of Sociology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. His research has for some years focused on property rights system in Europe and how these affect the usage of renewable resources.

Hanoch Dagan is the Stewart and Judy Colton Professor of Legal Theory and Innovation at Tel Aviv University. He has written extensively about property rights, from a philosophical and legal perspective.

Albert Weale is emeritus professor of Political Theory at University College London. Professor Weale’s work is about the intersection of political philosophy and public policy. Recently, he has worked on issues in democratic theory.

Practical information
Entrance fee: Free entry (including lunch)
Language: English
Registration: Please register before 18 March by sending an email to  Yara Al Salman (y.alsalman@uu.nl). Please also include your dietary requirements in the email.